How To Get Your YouTube Videos To Show Up In Related Videos of Other Popular Videos

Seeing what keywords or tags others are using for their YouTube videos takes less than a minute. This is useful if you are targeting the same niche or category as a video and are uploading a video as content for that niche or category.

A lot of times when doing this, your video will end up on the right side of YouTube under the Up Next section.

Anyways, here is the process to find the keywords contained in YouTube videos. Try it out:

Step 1:

Choose your YouTube video and Right Click somewhere in the white area (not on top of the video itself). Select “View page source.”

Step 2:

Once the page source page is opened up hit CTRL F, or Command F for Mac users, on your keyboard to find something on the page.

Step 3:

In the search box type


Step 4:

View the results. These are all of the keywords contained in that particular YouTube video. 

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