Complete Guide On How To Make Bank As A Digital Product Vendor


What’s going down my friend? Are you ready to get serious about internet marketing and take the next step to a successful business? Yes or Yes? That’s great! =) Let’s dig in.

If you’ve been an affiliate for any product or service, you know that you are the one doing all of the work most of the time. I promoted some MLM companies and some regular digital products at Clickbank and JVZoo for quite some time before I discovered the real profit monster.

The thing is, there are tons of ways to promote stuff as an affiliate, and there are many successful affiliate marketing homies and homettes out there.

I’m about to enlighten you. Ready?

The product vendors are the ones that are making the big money.

Why? They are leveraging other peoples’ time and energy and efforts. Not to say that you cannot be a rockstar six-figure affiliate (if you use the CORRECT affiliate business model – more about this later), it’s just that it’s even more autopilot when you have your own product to sell.

Think about it this way – If you invest 8 hours of your life at a J-O-B (just over broke), you will usually get compensated for the 8 hours of work with a straight, linear formula for pay, right? So if a massage therapist shows up, works 8 hours, then he or she gets paid for 8 hours. Everyday that employee starts over at a big fat $0. They work their 8, then get paid. Basically trading their time for money. What if you could trade 8 hours for thousands of dollars? Would you be interested in doing that? Heck YES! Here’s how and why this works. Let’s say for example, you invest 8 hours of your time into creating a product – namely a digital product. A product that can be digitally delivered to your customer. You have no inventory and no handling costs. This digital product could be in the form of an ebook, a video training series, audio book, etc.

So you invest your 8 hours into this digital product.

You launch it. It makes some sales right off the bat.

Well in the first day, you made maybe $5 per hour for your 8 hours of work. Day 2 you get MORE sales from your 8 hours invested into creating this product and you’re up to $35 per hour. Day 3 you make a lot more sales because YOUR affiliates are kicking butt in promoting. You’re now up to $50 per hour for your 8 hours. Day 4 you’re up to $150 per hour for your 8 hours. You’re making more than a lawyer at this point, right? It’s crazy, I know. Do you see how I’m figuring this?

My last product was up to $8,500 or something. It took me approximately 20 hours of grinding on my laptop with videos and the whole bit to launch it. I divide my time spent by the $8,500 when I checked it, and guess what? I made like $425 per hour or something crazy. Now that’s before affiliate commissions and other fees and taxes, but it’s a great living!

Putting It All Together

Do you see how you can now leverage time and other peoples (affiliates) efforts and time to make a ton of money? You should want your affiliates to earn huge too, because they are doing hard work, and after all, the worker deserves their wages! Pay them well. They deserve it.

We are creative beings by design. Create the lifestyle you want by creating something that appeals to the world. Add value to the world and you will be compensated for it in a huge way! So what’s your first step? What do you like to do?

What could you teach? What do you like to do and what could you teach that people will pay for? If you like taking care of dogs, make a video series on how to care for a doggie. If you are awesome on the geetar, write a ebook and a video series on how to play guitar in a few days. If you have made money online as an affiliate, write an ebook on a method that worked for you. Announce your creation to the world through affiliates, and people will show up to see what you offer. When they show up, charge them for sharing your knowledge! Is it making sense to you? Imagine launching 2 products a week and having lifetime residual income! That’s what I’m talking about, yo!

So you know what to create. Create the media. If it’s an ebook, make it awesome. If it’s a video series, do your absolute best. Whatever you do, make it the absolute best that YOU can do. Your passion and attention to detail will show through in your product.

How Do I Do This?

There are plenty of resources online that will teach you to build a simple website. You don’t need anything special for this. I have been using WordPress because it’s so easy to edit and build.

A lot of product vendors are starting to use video sales pages. It works and is effective. If you can create a killer video, you’re almost guaranteed sales on your product. Most affiliate houses like JVZoo or Clickbank require 3 things:

  1. A sales page
  2. A thank you page with the download link or files
  3. A support contact

What I would do if I were you is:

1. Build a product.. either ebook or video course on something that you know enough about to TEACH.

2. Build a sales page. If you need an example Google “internet marketing sales page.” Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Just use what works!

3. Sign up to JVZoo, Clickbank, or another affiliate network.

Once you do that, you need to announce your product launch. A great place to do this, is at There are probably tons more, just search for it. You need to get your product out there, create momentum, and attract affiliates.

That’s the name of the game!

Being a Vendor is much more rewarding because you actually OWN the product and don’t have to keep looking for the next best thing to promote. It’s yours. Own it, and take it as far as you can. Squeeze every single penny out of it. After all, it’s your time that you invested in building and creating it. How much is your time worth? You added value to the world by creating this and you need to get compensated for doing this. Run with it!

OK, so now we are moving on into some of the start-up marketing aspects of your business. During the process of creating my site, I stumbled upon a couple of crazy secrets that I’m going to share with you. This discovery was probably one of the best things I could have done in terms of promoting my site. Remember that we have to create momentum behind our product before we get massive sales.

Secret Method #1: You all know that social media is queening nowadays. With that being said, here is what you need to do once your website is built:

1. Go to

2. Look for Twitter follower gigs and Facebook Fan gigs. These gigs will add tons of followers or likes to your Twitter or Facebook page.

3. Buy a couple of gigs to start

4. Once you have a lot of followers on Twitter, go follow people that you want to market to. They notice you, and see you have a LOT of followers and follow you back with no problem! Congratulations, you have just established a relationship (lead) with people that are going to be interested in your product!

I recommend doing the above steps the minute the product creation phase is completed. In addition to these steps, start making some short videos (3 minutes or less) of freebie examples. Video-blog style videos work great for this and will help drive internet traffic to you new site! Post them on YouTube, Embed them in your side, just get them out there!

You need to do this as much as possible in the beginning to really fill up your site with some numbers. It may seem like your wasting your time with this step, but it is a very crucial part of the launch of your new digital product.

The best part about this business, is you can duplicate any success you have. The most important thing I could tell you about online business, is you spend your time finding places where thousands of your customers hang out and then show all of them your service or product link. Search for groups that hangout on the internet that are in to what you are marketing. So if you’ve made a product about how to get abs fast, look in the health and fitness niches on the internet, Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc.

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

The more visitors you have coming to your site, the more money you will make with it, period. You need to use both online and offline traffic to do this. No single method works every time. Just do your research and add your own twist to it and you’ll be making some serious CASH!

Sell It

You have created a complete business with real income. There are many ways to sell your business. is a place to sell websites and is probably the number one marketplace for this type of thing. A lot of vendors do this, but I could never part with any of my sites, simply because I love what I do, and it’s automated income!

The Big Secret

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for, right? Well the big secret has 2 parts. 😉

Part 1: You must take action on this now.

Part 2: Duplicate. Once you have a site generation automated income, duplicate it. Duplicate it again, and again. If you can make $1 online per day, you can make $10 online per day. If you can make $10 per day online, you can make $1000 per day online. There is endless traffic and endless money to be made in the universe. This method works, so take action and do it and do it some more. If you take massive action, you WILL get massive results. It’s a law in the Universe.

I truly hope you found this helpful and always feel free to email me personally.

Stay tuned to my newsletter and blog for more CRAZY money making techniques, ROCKSTAR affiliate models, and other awesome stuff that’s guaranteed to make yo jaw drop. 😉

Have a great day!

See you on the beaches of the world,



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