How To Automatically Post Your Blog To All Of Your Social Media Accounts

This is how you do it. It’s a pain to write an entire post and then distribute it yourself. Once it gathers some momentum through visitors to your site, the posts usually get shared and bring even more traffic to your site.

Looking for that magic button? As I am writing this post, I am going to pause to take a screenshot.

Here’s what the back-end of my website looks like before I publish a post: 

When I publish this post it will automatically get sent to all of my social media accounts at once. This post will include the featured image, and any custom hashtags that I write in the “Edit Details” section of the plugin.

What do I use for this? Jetpack.

All you need to do is install Jetpack (if you don’t already have it) on your WordPress site and fill out the credentials for your social networks. Boom. That’s really it. Most people know of this already, but for those of you that don’t, there ya go.

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