5 CRAZY Simple Steps To Make Money With Adsense

What’s up my homies and homettes? These steps are not revolutionary, they just work. If you stick to the basics you will bank. Making money with Adsense doesn’t have to be rocket science, and you don’t have to use expensive tools. There’s no magic tricks or wizardry going on here. I’m just keeping this stuff simple and I’m showing what really works.

So here is the 5 step strategy that you can apply right now:

Step 1 Find A Sweet Niche

Basically you want to find a cool niche or topic to make a site about. If you’re still in the research stage, take a trip over to Google Keyword Planner. Type in whatever your niche or topic idea is, and look to see how many searches a month are happening for that particular set of keywords. Make sure you choose your location when doing this as well. For instance, if you are really good at training dogs and want to start a website about that topic, search for items like:

  • Dog Training Tips
  • Dog Training Guides
  • How To Teach My Dog To Sit
  • How To Train My Dog Fast

Crunch the numbers on the Google Keyword Planner and make a the best decision on which direction you want to go with your niche or topic idea. It’s best to find a set of keywords you want to target with low competition. This will help ensure you rank faster, and your targeted visitors actually click through to visit your website.

Once you’ve found the perfect niche, you can move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Set Up A Site

There are many resources out there on how to build sites, but I will be posting a 10 minute tutorial here in the near future on how to do this quickly. You basically need hosting (we recommend HostGator), a domain (related to your niche), and about 15 minutes to set it up.

Step 3: Add Content

This is where you will need to go back to Google Keyword Planner and grab some of the keyword phrases that you saw when doing your niche research. Tip: You NEVER want to keyword stuff a site. It looks awful, is not good for your visitor, and Google will catch on faster than you can say Google. 

Write at least a 600 word unique post about a topic in your niche. This is very important. When I say unique, I mean content that came from you. This doesn’t mean go out and plagiarize someone else’s content and post it on your site. If you do it that way, they will not rank you well in the search engines. It IS okay to go and research that topic, gather information, and build your own posts. News stories are rewritten every minute, but they are not copied word for word.

Step 4: Monetize With Google Adsense

If you don’t already have a Google Adsense account, head on over there and set one up. Create some ad code and put it on your site. I usually do a couple of ads in the sidebar and one in the content. Tip: Make sure you read their terms before posting ads on your site. 

Step 5: Promote Your Site On Social Networks

This is the fun part. It’s time to get your name out there! You should create some social media accounts dedicated to your niche. Look around to find some people that are into the same thing as you are and connect with them. Don’t be spamming the social networks because that’s not cool. Just share your content and add value to the world by doing this. In return you will get internet traffic, and a percentage of that traffic will click through to one of your ads. Remember, this method is a completely scalable, and you will bank off of this if you take action.

So what are you going to do with this sweet nectar? I hope you put it into action and make some dough.

See you on the beaches of the world.