3 Viral Marketing Techniques That Are Insanely Easy

Most people think about marketing and their first thoughts tend to go towards the negatives. Sound familiar?

When I first started marketing on the inter-webs, I had tons of thoughts like:

  • It’s too hard
  • It takes time
  • I’ll never get visitors
  • Where do I start?

Guess what friend? I’m here to tell ya that those thoughts are inaccurate and wrong (they are however true with the wrong information and techniques).

Viral marketing is not super hard and it doesn’t boil down to getting really lucky. Today I’m going to tell you that this is easy and I’m going to show you 3 simple ways that you can drive traffic, back links, visitors, and get more sales on your website. I’m going to show you some real life examples on how to do it. It doesn’t involve spending days trying to create the perfect video, script, or blog post or anything like that. You don’t even have to make your own video, write tons of content, or even rely on luck. Sound to good to be true?

Give me a few minutes and I’ll change the way that yo brain thinks about viral marketing. 😉

Basically what we are going to be doing today is taking advantage of content that is already proven to go viral. It’s not going to be a guessing game like creating content and hoping it goes viral. Were going to use proven content that has gone viral and posting it to our sites. For this to work, you will need some social media follower on your accounts. This doesn’t include having a bunch of fake followers that you bought somewhere.

Let’s assume you already have some social accounts. So what we’er going to do is crate some viral content and send it through to your social accounts. Here are 3 real examples of how to do this.

Technique #1: The Viral News Story

  • Find a viral news story that’s related to your niche
  • Rewrite it
  • Post it to your social media account
  • Search Google News to find your story. Look for a story that has thousands of shares across the social networks.

This isn’t anything revolutionary, shady, or anything like that. If you look at most large news sites, they are posting the same story just written differently. You probably notice it everyday when reading the news. Same story, different authors, right? This is how the big boys do it and there’s no reason you can’t do it too.

Too lazy to write? 

Technique #2: The Viral Video

A lot of people try to create their own videos. Spending tons of money and time in creating their viral video. They cross their fingers and hope like heck that people like it and it goes viral.

A much easier way to tap into the power of viral video marketing is simply to find other niche related videos that have already going viral. Embed those babies to your site and post out the links to your social media accounts. Add some images and descriptions, and post that crap out!

Technique #3 The Viral Infographic

The cool thing about infograhpics is that the poeple hat create them actulaly want you to post them on your site. They have links that are usually found inside the infographic and they get some traffic from you posting and sharing as well. It’s a win win situation. Follow me? All you have to do is find a viral infographic, post it to your blog, and then post it out to your social media networks.

The SEO benefit to doing these techniques is huge! They will get traffic to your site, and Google loves the content that you are sharing. There are way more consumers in the world than producers. Be a producer (or sharer) of cool stuff and get compensated for it!

Hope this helps you guys out. Please share this if it was helpful to you!

See you on the beaches of the world.